What IS Going on in Education These Days?

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Editorials on education are among the best ways to get either local or national news on education. Make no mistake, editorials on education are a far crime from educational journal articles from a department of higher education. Nonetheless, they are popular venues to get news on education in real time. For example, some of them carry information on ed week jobs or education sector opportunities with which teachers might be unfamiliar.

Examples of this might include free iPads for teachers. There are a lot of people in America who could probably use ways to make their education services more efficient. And it is precisely for this reason that news on education is becoming so important. Of course, this probably does not reflect the sort of editorials on education with which most people are familiar.

Editorials on education are among the best ways to get information that people might be able to turn into public policies. Editorials on education can include everything from editorials pushing for better teacher compensation to editorials demanding the implementation of vouchers. This is to say that editorials on education can often be partisan. But sometimes partisanship is a crucible in which to grind out new ideas.

Editorials on education are also good to the extent that they involve ordinary people in the lawmaking process, or at least to the extent that they allow ordinary parents to get involved in that process. Many parents might be unaware of the opportunities that they have to get involved with their children’s educations, but people on both sides of the aisle encourage it. And there is no better way for parents to get involved than to write editorials of their own, from letters to the editor to blog posts. This is perhaps the best way for such parents to get involved in their children’s educations, or at least learn about what the form and content of that education is.

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