The Healing Powers of Faith and Uplifting Poetry

Finding god in our trials

Everyone has times in their lives when they wonder what their purpose is. People might ask themselves, why am I here? What is the purpose of life, to spend over half of your waking life working only to die? What happens when my children grow up and leave home? What is there to look forward to when so much of life is a misery? For people who are preoccupied with such questions, some mental health counseling may be order. Then again, it may not. The above questions may seem pessimistic or even nihilistic, but each are legitimate questions that many intelligent people might pose. For some people who have those feelings, and like their lives are absolutely devoid of any purpose or goal, they may turn to finding faith in god or uplifting poetry.

People who feel confused, depressed, or simply overwhelmed by what they perceive as the repetitive meaninglessness of life have been finding faith for hundreds of years. While finding faith seems to work for some people, it is a shame that faithful, well meaning people are often demonized, and considered less intelligent or insane. Science has made it difficult for some people to join the ranks of those finding faith. Nonetheless, finding faith in God, either through religious texts or uplifting poetry is usually something deeply personal. However, faith seekers are often able to ignore the naysayers who are very likely unhappy with their lives, as well.

During those times when life just seems to be too much, and the fruits of hard work barely seem worth living for, books that contain uplifting poetry can provide the entry point into leading fulfilling lives through finding faith in God. When dealing with stress, doubt, and depression, many people turn to the quickest path to feeling better. Such things often include alcohol, drugs, unhealthy snacks, or engaging in other dangerous and damaging behaviors. When they feel overwhelmed, the last thing that most people think about is finding faith in God, or turning to some other positive behavior. If people who are suffering or struggling in their mental and spiritual lives, would turn to something positive, like a book of uplifting poetry, rather than a bottle of whiskey, they might be surprised at the results. Essentially, attitude can make all the difference in the world, and there is no better way to take control than turning to something positive.

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