How Important is Political Marketing?

El marketing politico

For politicians, there are few things as important as political marketing. Many times, politicians rely on political marketing firms, who know the political marketing game a lot better than most other people. However, many people don’t know donde estudiar marketing, or where to study marketing.

Political campaigns have been closely linked to strategic marketing plans since the 1960 election between Kennedy and Nixon, in which Kennedy won because of his vastly superior marketing plan. Kennedy was painted as a handsome, well-rounded All American, while Nixon came off as more of a bumbling, stumbling fool.

In this day and age, political candidates and influencers are increasingly turning to social media to interact with constituents and one another, which makes social media a valuable sphere for political communication. Furthermore, twitter as a dedicated political ad-team, which is the only team at the site that focuses on one industry. Plus, about a fifth of social media users say they have followed or interacted with elected officials and candidates on those social networks.

At the end of the day, political marketing makes a huge difference because people can’t vote for someone or support legislation if they are unaware of what the person stands for or what the legislation does. Knowing political marketing is very important, but knowing donde estudiar marketing is even more important, as the right marketing can make all the difference. Read more like this.

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