Why NEMA Power Cords Wont Work In Other Countries –


elsewhere. You must ensure that the use of your electronic equipment safely. NEMA is the industry standard of connectors and cords. The majority of NEMA cords work only in North America. This video clarifies why they aren’t working in other countries.
Different countries around the world have decided to create distinct plugs and standards in lieu of adhering to the US standard. There are also different standards for voltages in different countries. The USA has 110 Volts. Europe employs 220 Volts and 230 Volts. Certain African nations have 240 volts. The amps, voltage, and outlets decide how the power cord functions and how much load it can handle.
The perfect illustration of this is the power c19 and c20 cables. The cords are certified as 20 Amps for North America, and 16 for the other nations. They’re able to only take 250 Volts of load. It is possible that they will not work in locations with voltages lower than 250V. A connector with 125V 15Amps connected to a 250V supply unit is dangerous since the appliance may be exploding.

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