Why Do So Many Children Attend Preschool?

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It should be no great secret that American education is thought to be declining as the government decides it knows what is best for our children. Educators are being cut out of the process and left to do their very best in a system that is seemingly organized for failure. As grade schools and high schools continue to be revolutionized in ways that would make the rest of the world shutter, preschools stand as symbols of hope in the American educational landscape.

Did you know that 63% of American children under the age of five attend some type of childcare program? That number may seem high, but the fact is that it is not high enough. As you will see, in order for our children to succeed in the world, they need a daycare program that can help them develop into young men and women who can compete in the ever more competitive, globalized world.

  • Social Development
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    Are you aware that by the age of five, 90% of a child’s brain development is complete? What that means is the period from birth until five years of age is a crucial time for learning social and academic skills that will help them succeed throughout their entire lives. Consider, when your child attends a child care program, they will be exposed to other children of different backgrounds, ethnicity, and creed. A reputable preschool program can teach your children how to interact with and accept people who are different from themselves. Learning how to be polite and accepting will be crucial to their success in school and in their professional future.

  • Better Chances for Academic Success
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    46% of American kindergarten teachers report that their students are unprepared for the rigors of learning when they start their classes. This causes two major problems. First, it forces teachers to teach lower level material that sets your child behind standardized levels of education. Second, if the teacher is unable to slow the teaching material, your child will likely be left behind to fend for themselves. Children who attend a quality daycare or preschool program are shown to be significantly more likely to excel in school and receive their high school diploma.

  • Cost Effective
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    When choosing a daycare, many parents worry about the cost associated with preschool programs. They realize the benefits but fear the strain it will put on the family finances. However, all parents should be aware that the average preschool program only costs approximately 6% of a dual income family’s net pay, making for an affordable, beneficial experience for their children.

As you can see, finding child care that helps to prepare your children for their futures is crucial to their successes. Preschool programs directly lead to improved sociability and increased academic success while remaining affordable for parents. If you want your child to succeed in this age of educational uncertainty, find a preschool immediately. More like this blog.

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