Which IKEA Furniture Should You Avoid? – Pruning Automation

There’s a huge range of modern, easy-to-assemble furniture. IKEA is the right store for you, whether you are looking to buy an entire furniture set or simply a light fixture. With their humongous showrooms, you will be able to look at your prospective furniture in an actual space, which is crucial for finding the ideal piece that is right for you. IKEA truly is an exquisite shopping and eating destination However, not all IKEA furniture piece is created equal. This video will show you what IKEA furniture pieces are the best to keep as well as which items which can be substituted. Let’s get started!

Firstly, avoid getting the mass-produced art that IKEA sells. These designs are literally everywhere throughout the world so if you’re looking to make your home to stand out from the crowd, your art should too! Opt for one of their frames, or get your personal artwork printed to hang on your interior walls. Don’t buy the cheap lamps and paper lanterns. Choose a more modern sleeker lamp for your space. Don’t forget to stay clear of the Svenbertil chair. The Svenbertil chair is extremely uncomfortable and is extremely squeaky. Choose the Norraryd and Nilsove.


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