What Happens During Fire Sprinkler Training? – Concordia Research

Are people in the eps safe? In this clip an expert will go through the process of lessons on fire protection and sprinklers, and also how professionals are taught. This video will offer a glimpse into how professional instruction in sprinklers and fire suppression happens.

Once the professionals are trained, they will be instructed through all aspects of the system. Every single part of the system is checked and they are expected to be well-informed about how everything should look, how everything should line upand what is used for fire protection. It is essential to turn off any fire sprinkler system in the course of an inspection. After that, they are able to examine the whole system, without going off. Only professionals should conduct this examination when it’s secure. The annual inspection of the fire sprinkler is vital as it may help keep people and buildings safe for long periods.

This video will teach you how professional firefighters have been trained to use sprinklers as well as fire protection. You may learn something that is new regarding this kind of sprinkler system.


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