What Exactly is Solar Power? – Boston Equator

It is obvious that the sun is the source of solar energy. Additionally, it generates large amounts of power from sunlight that can then be utilized to produce wind, hydro and various fossil fuels.

The sun is a huge ball of burning gasses that generates an enormous amount of energy. Solar energy is comprised of light and heat. It would be possible to run an interminable television program for each square inch of the Earth’s surface, if we were to harness the total sun’s energy to the top.

The world will be affected by fossil energy sources. The sun isn’t going to run out for another 5 billion years. The hydro and wind don’t even come close. The potential of solar energy is immense.

Solar panels draw power from the sun. Additionally, concentrated solar energy could be harnessed. Many thousands of mirrors serve to reflect light to an observation tower that makes steam and electrical energy. But, these exciting technologies have not yet been able for use on a large scale.

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