What Does Fair and Impartial Treatment Entail? – Dan Park Law Group

What does fair and fair treatment refers to? Let’s take a look at what the term “fair and fair” signifies.

Many factors impact how we perceive people and events. Every person has his opinions and values however, these aren’t appropriate to the judge’s chambers. Judges must swear that they uphold the United States Constitution in addition to their personal opinions.

It means that one should be careful not to let one’s feelings impact one’s judgment. There is a rare occasion when everyone will walk away from the courtroom pleased about the decision, however being a judge requires accepting the outcome and not being harsh or too lenient. Judges hold the trust of everybody in the their courtroom. Any attempt to violate that faith through favoritism will be losing one’s position.

The United States is a country where fair and impartial treatment are especially important because judges in this country enjoy an average life expectancy of. In spite of who’s that are in charge judges aren’t associated to any particular party. They are required to make decisions independently based on what’s written in the Constitution.


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