Top Rated Private Schools in the US – Caribbean Travel A-Z

It is essential to conduct a thorough research on the state you are interested in. Schools that are private provide children with smaller classes as well as access to highly skilled educators, and pathways to higher education. The Board Tourist has a video to guide you through the best-rated private schools in the United States.

The video identifies the best evaluated private schools on the basis of their graduation rates, SAT scores, and college acceptance rates. The video also provides information about the financial aid program and costs that set these schools apart. Some of these schools boast 100percent acceptance rate to college as well as send students to top Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

Drone footage is also included in the Board Tourist. These videos also give students a glimpse of life on campus and the extracurricular activities, that highlight the distinctiveness of these exclusive schools.

Take a look at this tour through the best private schools across the United States! What schools should be in your top 10 list?


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