The Invisible Tornado – Rad Center

When your house is hit by a storm, you require a professional roofing contractor to repair it. This video will show you how to identify a virtually invisible tornado.

Tornadoes could be very dangerous. Imagine being blind to a tornado coming towards you at the speed of an auto driving by. A tornado may cover itself with rain in order to keep it from moving toward the direction you. These tornadoes are known as rain-wrapped tornadoes. It is the reason to take shelter if there is the threat of a tornado in the area you live in. It doesn’t matter if you observe it or don’t. You may not notice it until you take a look.

Hank Schyma chases a strong tornado that is forming in Oklahoma near Elk City. The first tornado shown in the video is an amazing slim tornado. It’s rotating on an axis slightly tilted as the top. It isn’t the most exciting tornado in the clip. The next tornado is invisible to the naked eye. It is completely rain-wrapped so that Hank must be careful when watching the course of the storm. He can observe the winds changing direction so he knows exactly where to find the tornado. However, it is nestled to deep within the layers of rain.


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