The Failures of Public School Education

Christian education

A private high school such as christian schools, independent schools, or a day school can provide families with a favorable alternative to public schools. Although private schools do generally conform to state standards, a private high school usually has admissions and graduation requirements. Often times, the selectivity and high expectations of many private schools make them attractive to families who are seeking an alternative to public schools. This is not to say that students cannot get high quality educations from public schools, but a Norfolk private school, for instance, generally offers more individual attention to students than their public counterparts. Furthermore, a more selective and demanding private high school or Christian education institution may have an excellent track records of placing students into the most prestigious universities.

While the academic excellence and high expectations of a private high school may be their most obvious advantage, there are other advantages that are not mentioned as often. To be honest, the morality and behavior of students gets worse with every passing generation. And this is not an observation based upon growing older. It is very real for anyone who dares set foot in a public high school for any period of time. Unlike a private school or the public schools of the past, disrespect and academic apathy dominate the cultures of public high schools. While a generation ago it was uncommon for students to admit openly to not even trying to complete their work, to curse at teachers, and to laugh at teachers right in front of them, such behaviors are common today. What is worse, the discipline that students receive is often light, students do not respect it, and it has no, if any, impact on changing behaviors. Additionally, the burden of discipline often falls upon the teacher rather than the administration, with the exception of severe matters. At a private high school such problems do not exist at anywhere close to the same level.

A private high allows parents to provide their children with the best chance of achieving their goals without the distractions that exist at many public schools. While a private high school education does not guarantee a better quality education or a safer environment than a public high school, the chances for these are considerably greater. And while private high schools require tuition, the peace of mind that a private school can provide to parents is often worth it.

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