The Benefits of a Private Education

Private schools in suffolk

Did you know why the school year is not year round? In more agricultural societies and eras, the 180 day academic calendar was created to allow children time off from school to harvest with their families. Prior to education being a free right to American citizens and school children, attendance was not mandatory, and as such, many students would simply not show up to school during the warm summer months. To better accommodate this trend, school reformers and officials shortened the school year.

Today, there are nearly 100,000 public schools and more than 33,000 private schools including independent schools in Hampton Roads, private schools in hampton roads, and private schools in suffolk. According to the Council for American Private Education, private and independent schools have an enrollment of more than five million students. What are some of the benefits of a private education, such as one obtained at independent schools in Hampton Roads?

For starters, the proof is in the numbers. According to the U.S. Department of Education, students in private or independent schools perform higher than their public school counterparts. In addition, institutions like independent schools in Hampton Roads place higher demands and graduation requirements on their students, which results in increased achievement. Subsequently, students from private schools, such as Suffolk private schools, are twice as likely to attend and graduate from a four year university or college. Ever more compelling are the numbers related to socioeconomic status. When comparing public versus private students from the lowest quartile, private school students are more than four times likely to received a four year degree than public school students. Additionally, the incidence of school safety issues (crime, drug and alcohol use) are far less prevalent at private schools similar to independent schools in Hampton Roads.

When it comes to cost, private schools, such as independent schools in Hampton Roads, are typically funded by tuition or religious organizations. The average tuition cost for private schools in America are around $6,000 for Catholic schools, $7,000 for other religious schools, and around $17,000 for non sectarian private schools, such as independent schools in Hampton Roads.

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