Potential Safety Risks and Household Hazards and How To Mitigate Them – Chester County Homes

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It is also recommended to avoid the use of harsh chemicals to clean surfaces. They could be hazardous to both your health and to the environment. Choose instead to use natural cleansers.

It’s always a good idea to hire cleaning services to help you clean your home. They will know what are potential safety risks and household hazards and how you can deal with them.

11. Equipment that is not well maintained

Another common household hazard is poorly maintained appliances. Affective maintenance of appliances could cause explosions, gas leaks or electric shocks.

Regular service and inspection of appliances is vital. It’s important to make sure the appliances you have are functioning well before you use them. If you find any issues in your appliance, such as sparks or strange noises, discontinue use right away and then have them repaired.

Keep in mind your children’s movements around appliances and teach the proper procedure to take if they notice something is wrong. Do not let your children go unsupervised around any appliance.

12. Chemicals and Toxins

Many household products contain chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to health. This includes cleaning products, antifreeze paints and pesticides. It is important to study the labels of these products and adhere to the instructions.


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