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If you read any formal educational journals, you will know that, in the education sector, one of the most exciting and highly anticipated current events on education is coming up in just under two months. That is right, National Education Week is just around the corner. The information may vary with the educational journal that you read, but all should at least inform you that, starting on Monday, November 18th of 2013, the American Education Association American Education Week begins.

That Monday is just a general Kickoff Day. It celebrates the start of the week by recognizing excellence in education and getting public schools all over the country excited about the week to come.

Tuesday the 19th is Parents Day. Think of it as the opposite of Bring Your Child to Work Day. Parents are invited into the school, and the classrooms, to see what a regular school day is like for their kids. In some ways this is better than your standard parent school night that walks parents through a school day, because they get to see the teachers in action and get to see actual content taught.

Wednesday is Education Support Professionals Day. This day recognizes and celebrates all of the non teachers that keep the school running. Whether it is the school nurse, office workers, custodians, or lunch room attendants, they should all be acknowledged for how crucial a role they play in the lives of our students every day.

Thursday marks Educator for a Day. On this day community leaders and public figures are invited into the school to see what it is like to be a teacher. They get to see the trials and tribulations of every day teacher life, and get a firsthand experience of the needs of students.

Finally, Friday the 22nd is Substitute Educators Day. As the name implies, this day is dedicated to the appreciation of all of the substitutes who keep our classrooms and schools going when a teacher cannot make it in. Without them, the education process would come to a screeching halt every time there is a cold or meeting.

If your local school is not participating in American Education Week in November, there is still time to inform them and get something going. Education is the most important thing that we can offer the youth of today, and as such, we really should recognize and appreciate all those who make it possible on a daily basis.

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