Make These Cute Custom Glasses for Your Bridesmaids! – Art Magazines Online

It’s simple to show gratitude to your bridesmaids. They’re putting in a lot of their time and energy to support you on the most significant day of your life. Wedding party girls are amazing they can be, and if you could make a gift to appreciate them it is a must to take the time to do so. One of the coolest and classic ways to appreciate your bridesmaids is to make them a custom glass to serve at the wedding ceremony. In this video, you will learn how to make adorable champagne flukes your guests will cherish forever.

First step for beautiful champagne flukes is to buy the flukes themselves. The author suggests purchasing a 6-pack or 12-pack depending upon the number of bridesmaids. This project is great made with 7oz Ikea flukes. You will then need the Cricut printer to print out your bridesmaids’ names in the font of your choice on foil. Also, you can print your wedding day to add some extra flair. The wedding guests will receive beautiful presents if you apply these cut-outs to flukes.


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