Make The United States Literacy Rate Even Higher

Educational journal articles

During National Education Week, or any other time of the year, you might be interested to know that the National Department of Education was signed into law by former President Jimmy Carter on October 17th 1979. The Department of Education was fully operational by May 4th 1980. The department was heavily opposed by the Republican party because, at the time, they believed that it was against the rights of an American to make education a requirement.

Getting a formal education is extremely necessary, in this country. If you ever read educational journal articles you will realize how important it is that people start young when they are beginning the education process. The US dept Education will recommend that all children go through some type of formal education in their lifetime. The emphasis that the United States government puts on education is unique compared to a lot of countries.

The United States is a very fortunate country to be able to take education as seriously as we do. Since not all countries have the resources we do, it is much more difficult to complete the same feats we do. The United States literacy rate is at the highest it has ever been all thanks to teachers. What is unfortunate is that the budget for education funding has been going down, which means we are taking the resources away that the educational system has formally been promised.

When you get a formal education be sure to show your teachers the appreciation they deserve. A lot of companies in the United States will give formal education teachers the appreciation they deserve. Apple is a company that definitely respects the effort that teachers put into teacher American children. By giving free ipads for teachers, Apple can show their appreciation and make sure that formal education teachers are getting up to date technology to assist them at their jobs.

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