How Your Cavities Are Filled – Metro Dental Care

Many of us have had a cavity or two, or both, in their lifetimes. Many people don’t know about this procedure. This video will show you the way your dentist fills in cavities.

The blood pressure of your patient will be monitored by the dentist. After that, your dentist will administer a numbing cream to the tooth. This will lessen pain. The dentist will also apply local anesthetic. The dentist will then numb your mouth while you wait. Once your mouth is anemic, they’ll use either a drill, laser or air abrasion machine to extract the decaying region of the tooth. There is often a suction tube to clear out any debris from this process.

The dentist will prepare to fill the tooth after decay is gone. First, the dentist places an etch onto the tooth. An acid-based gel known as Etch is put on the tooth to get rid of any remaining enamel. They will then clean the moth to get rid of all acid. The fillings are then placed and molded to look natural. When the dentist is pleased then the composite fillings will be set by sunlight.


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