How to Prevent Massive Damage to Your Home – Family Game Night

Every year, thousands of trees are blown down onto people’s homes and cars. The result is millions of damage. The majority of times the tree branch falls on a house or vehicle after a severe storm. This is usually the case for trees with underlying issues such as mold and tor. In this tutorial, you will learn how to detect trees and branches that might be the risk to your home. If you notice one of these problems do not hesitate to contact an arborist to take the tree’s branch to a distance away from your home.

An enormous branch that hangs over your roof can be hazardous. It is especially dangerous if the large branch points more towards the sky than toward the ground. They put great strain on the trees and tend to be the ones most likely to be swept away in storms. They can also be the most dangerous due to the size and weight. Additionally, it is recommended to take away dead trees. anyone walking on the ground below may be in danger. If there are no leaves, it means dead branches.


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