How to Improve Your Insulation Installation – Interior Painting Tips

The installation of insulation on the lid is crucial to ensure energy efficiency. It helps keep your family home warm and reduce the cost of energy. It is easy to increase the efficiency of your insulation. This video will demonstrate ways to improve your insulation attic to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Insulation that’s been blown in will eventually become stale, and you’ll have to replace it by using the cellulose insulation. Sometimes it is blown in with a machine, but you could also install it with a rake and your hands. The rafters should be filled with water and then set it up using a rake. This video shows the homeowner as well as the contractor filling it with six inches. That isn’t enough for this job.

The contractor will then put 9 1/2 inches fiberglass insulation on top of the cellulose. You should wear longer sleeves, gloves and a mask in place when you install the fiberglass insulation, to avoid the skin from getting irritated. Place the sheets parallel to the roof joint to completely seal it all.

There is a special knife that is designed to cut fiberglass insulation to fit the sheets to fit in awkward locations. Don’t leave any gap in coverage, or else the insulation might be damaged. Watch the video to learn more.


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