How To Help Your Student Study For Exams

Many students stress over exams. It is normal to feel apprehensive about testing in school. Unfortunately, students often put off studying for their school exams until the last minute because they do feel apprehensive. There are ways that you can help your child study for their exams that can take the stress out (and the procrastination).

Help Your Student Create a Realistic Study Schedule

Even if your child is one out of ten kids that attend private school and they have more support from teachers and staff, you can still help them to design a study schedule for success. Try to give your child different schedule options and helping them create the schedule is more productive them telling them they need to study.

Scheduling study time to their daily routine will help them to take control and actually focus on the material. Dedicating one hour a day throughout the semester is more valuable than cramming in three or four hours before an exam. Studying should be given priority in their daily routines like sports practice, but it’s helpful to let them choose the time and then make sure they stick to it with gentle reminders.

Quiet Please

Make a no distraction rule during study time. Students will often have the TV going, or listen to music while they study. Distractions are a no-go in most cases, though sometimes having instrumental music or white noise can help students study. Support your student by letting them try out different background noise options as well as providing them with a quiet place to work if that’s what is best for them.

Discuss Learning Styles

Talk to your student about different learning styles. Some students do well with simply reading the material, other students need to write down what they read, and others still need a visual. Help them discover their best learning style, and show them how to use tools that will support their learning style.

Practice Makes Perfect

Certain subjects need consistent practice to succeed. Math, for example, is one of those subjects that requires you to use it every day. Print out some topic worksheets that your student can practice with if they don’t already have ones provided by their teacher.

For Young Learners

Get involved in the studying. Let the student quiz you with flashcards (this can work with older students as well). Letting your child test you and teach you the subject is a great way for them to retain the information.

Supporting your student by helping them navigate their exam study requirements will help to ease stress and set them up for success at school.

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