Garage Door Repairs for Rotted Posts – Creative Decorating Ideas

What you need to do is take a measurement of the damaged post at an angle. It will provide you with the length to be cut in order to support the planks which the contractor can install as he takes down the rotted post. This prevents the door’s collapse and serious injury.

The next step is to get rid of the wooden surface from the doorpost and look for indications of decay. The video shows that all the wood is affected at the top and bottom.

To accomplish this, the contractor uses a reciprocator to cut out the post entirely. The contractor cut the beam along the length of the post. The posts were buried directly into the soil, which allowed the soil and moisture to render the post susceptible to carpenter’s ants as time passes.

After filling the hole with concrete, the builder installs a base made of metal which is attached to the post. So, the post will not be damaged by the elements beneath. Finally, the contractor installs an additional post treated with pressure so that the job is finished!


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