Criminal Knocks Out Partner With Brick Todays Entertainment News

The brightest of the bunch. Intelligence is not an amalgamation of drugs or despair. The clip shows two stupid burglars attempting to gain access to the office of Shanghai. Then, they’ll require release from bail bond or icepack if they were living in the United States.

It’s February in Shanghai. A store is targeted for theft by surveillance camera footage. Two men in hooded suits walk up to the shop with their bricks in their hands. As a way to break the door or window, the first burglar throws his brick. The second burglar is about to move. is moving to the left to the left, the following burglar is poised to throw their next brick. Second burglar hits his first brick. The intruder is knocked down and is lying motionless on ground. To get away, the attacker must take his victim back to their car. The video is all across social media and people are mocking these criminals’ clumsiness. We hope that they’ve learnt their lesson.


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