Apple Discounts for Disadvantaged Students

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There is no question that the United states education system is in disarray. While this should be obvious to any adult who dares set foot into an American public school, it is most evident to college instructors who are encountering more and more students who enter their courses unprepared. This trend has left many college instructors perplexed regarding how they should evaluate the progress of their students. While the United States department of education has taken steps to address education, no child left behind statistics do not tell the whole story. Low student achievement is directly linked to economic status and poor schools. Thus, an Apple discount for students, free iPads for teachers, and teacher discount Apple products can help educators acquire the necessary tools for a modern education.

Regardless of what the National Department of Education tells us, the problem with the education system is not the teachers or the students, but economics and parenting. Obviously, parenting and economics are not mutually exclusive, and thus, isolating one from the other is wrong. However, it is fair to say that students are ultimately a product of their environments; and the environments in which low performing students grow up are poor. As such, the schools that they attend are poor, as well. This is the reason that an Apple discount for students can make all the difference in the world for school and educators who are struggling to provide their students with the materials that are needed to foster learning.

An apple discount for students makes it possible for economically disadvantaged students to gain access to technologies that more affluent schools take for granted. As a result, an Apple discount for students will help to make up for purchasing learning tools from Apple educational stores when school budgets dry up and fall short. While much more needs to be done by the Department of Education, an Apple discount for students is a sign of progress that other companies should follow.

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