7 Simple Steps to a Greener Home – Awkward Family Photos

Green properties are more valuable than those that are not. If you decide to purchase an environmentally friendly home the investment will yield great return on investment for the future. In the words of the US Green Building Council, average green home owners get 19% ROI on their current properties. In contrast, new buildings earn a nine percent return on investment.
4. Healthy Indoor Spaces

Everyone desires a healthy and safe environment in their indoor space. Which is the best way to guarantee clean air other than making the investment in greenery? Materials used to build the residence are safe from harmful chemicals that pollute the natural environment.

The materials used in construction also affect the quality of your indoor space and its effects on inhabitants. Buildings must create an indoor area that is safe for the people who live there and also improves their standard of life. Good news is that there are some positives. The green materials that are used in homes are friendly to humans and animals . They allow the natural light that is available, giving excellent quality indoor space. In addition, these homes feature indoor and outdoor plants. Indoor plants enhance the environment by cleaning out pollutants, while outdoor plants improve curb appeal.

5. High Durability

Like we said, natural home materials are robust and need minimal maintenance. Your home can last the rest of your life. Here are some green materials to help improve the lifespan of your house.

Recycling decks are constructed from recycled plastic and wood. They have five times the life span of conventional wood decking. Environmental-friendly pest controls – eco-friendly homes keep pests such as termites at bay using plastic or metal fasteners around exterior wood. Top-quality roof materials that are used in eco-friendly homes come with long warranties spanning as long as five years.

These are the eight actions to have your home greener. Let’s go for it.


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