You Can Get Your Special Needs Child Ready for Middle School

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Starting middle school can be a stressful time for all kids. Most kids are nervous about what it will be like and are often unsure about what to expect. Having a child with special needs means these fears and concerns may be more acute. This is true even when the middle school in question is one of the many special education schools around the country. There are things you can do to get your child ready for middle school.

  1. Get your child used to the school before the year starts. Some special education schools offer programs over the summer, such as swimming lessons. if that is a possibility, you should take advantage of that. These are great ways to introduce a child to a new learning envi

Four Common Problems When Switching from Public to Private Schools

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Deciding to make the switch form a public middle school to a private academy middle school can be a big decision for parents. Considering that private high schools aren’t even half the size of public schools and that 86% of private schools enroll fewer than 300 students, and that there are almost 30,000 privat

Deciding Your Child’s Future — Sending Your Child to a Private High School

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For parents, parenthood is a time filled with circumstances where the right decision needs to be taken for the well-being and progress of their children. If you are a parent, you would know the kind of situations that arise almost on an everyday basis that need to be analyzed, resolved and decided upon when it comes to your child. This is especially true when it comes to forming the right path of education for children. Right from kindergarten to high school, you as a parent need to make the all-important decisions that would be in the best interests of your child, and do so with sufficient research and thought put into it.

Ensuring that children receive the right educ

The Link Between Good Childcare and Job Productivity

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Having a small child is difficult for many reasons. When one or both parents work, the task of finding the best form of childcare can add to the difficulty. Choosing childcare that works well with the parents’ work schedule and meets the needs of the child is best approached with a clear idea of what one is looking for in early childcare programs. One solution that is growing in popularity is employer-provided, or workplace-funded childcare programs, in which childcare and workplace productivity meet.

Potty Training Matters When Choosing a Childcare Center.

When doing research on good childcare centers in your area, the question of potty training wil

Why You Should Consider a Private Education For Your Child

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Giving your child the best start in life is always a parent’s primary objective. When it comes to choosing a school, you weigh up the academic rigor of the institution against extra-curricular activity programs such as high school basketball championships or debating teams. For primary school children, the pastoral care element become seven more important to ensure that your child has the best start to his or her school life. A private school can offer the best of all of these elements and may not be as costly as you think.

The more than 5.4 million PK-12 children in the United States currently have access to over 30,800 private primary schools, Continue Reading No Comments

How to Keep Your Children Academically Engaged During the Summer

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It is no question that school is necessary and beneficial for children. Schools teach children a variety of things, including academics, socialization, interpersonal skills, scheduling and conflict resolution and even sportsmanship. This is why children are required to attend school full time, generally for 5 days a week and for at least 9 months of the year. Many parents wonder, however, how to continue teaching their children these lessons during their school break. Many children are off for as long as 3 months at a time and are left hanging around the house, looking for things to do. How can a parent keep those lessons in their children?s minds and prepare them to pick up where they left off at the start of the next school year?

Programs like preschools and day cares provide childr

Foreign Language, Math, and Reading Are Important Create Quality Preschool Programs

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The days of children playing all day long in preschool are long gone. Although parents still wan their children to learn how to socialize and play well with others, today’s families want an academic approach to their child’s preschool time as well. In fact, parents expect an academic preschool curriculum that gives their children a head start in the competitive world that they are entering. Foreign language, math, and reading are three examples of what parents want as major parts of their child’s academic preschool curriculum.
Foreign Language Training Helps Young Children Prepare for a Global Work Place
Experts have long known that the best time that for chi

Private Schools Encourage Students to Reach for Their Full Potential

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One of the most important decisions parents are called upon to make concerns the school they pick for their children. In choosing between public and private schools, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. With smaller class sizes and facilities for arts and athletics programs, private schools are able to give more attention to individual students. From preschool to high school, the private school advantage is reflected in academic outcomes.

Private schools are smaller in size
Across the country, 5.3 million students are enrolled in private schools in grades PK-12. The total number of private schools in the U.S. is 30,861 and the

Going Back to School is Easier with Scholarships and Flexible Schedules

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You may think you’ve missed out on your chance for a college degree, but it’s never too late. Schools like Rhode Island university make it easier to go back to school, with flexible schedules, evening and weekend classes, scholarships for tuition and books, childcare and free parking. Having a college degree can make all the difference to your career. College graduates typically draw higher salaries at every stage of their career. If you’re ready to take the step, talk to an advisor to discuss which programs are right for you.

Support for continuing education
With a range of programs to choose from, you can pick from a B.A. in English, communications, interdisciplinary studies, psychology, or pick a family studi

Your Spanish Curriculum is More Important Than You Think

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In our day and age, the job market is flooded with applicants who need to be able to stand out in whatever ways they can. Their skill sets are similar to many others who have the same type of education and experience. When so many people are looking for the same type of employment, it is the little things that make an individual stand out from the crowd. In our integrated country today, one of the things that help a job applicant stand out is whether or not they are bilingual. Bilingual employees will earn, on average, about 20% more per hour than those who speak only one language.

In the United States, Spanish is the second most-spoken language and children are beginning to learn it earlier and earlier. The Spanish curriculum in many schools is beginning to be enhanced so that children are introduced to